Abstract: The French are ignoring traditional French cuisine and going to restaurants that serve trendy foreign foods. All types of foreign cuisine, from sushi to hamburgers are popular. Restaurants that serve native fare have priced themselves out of the market with meals that range from $100-$500 for two. Full Text: Foreign foods invade the land […]


Full Text: Byline: Jennie Yabroff The quest for meaning sends writers on global food pilgrimages. But can God exist in a bowl of soup? In a courtyard in a Uighur District of western China, a tourist watched a man inflate a sheep’s lung with liquid, tie off the windpipe and put the bundle into a […]


Full Text: Byline: Corinna Lothar Washington in the ’60s. There wasn’t much choice in the way of restaurants, but one was always a favorite. It occupied the ground floor of a small building wedged between taller ones on Connecticut Avenue, in the space somewhere between where the Oval Room and Equinox now hold forth. It […]